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The arts. Beaches. Culture. Entertainment. Fun. Heritage. History. Music. Nature. Nightlife. Recreation. Sports.

Wining and dining. Greeting and meeting. Rolling and strolling. Shopping and dropping.

For gathering together. For being alone. For mental well-being. For wellness. For pleasure. For peace of mind.

Attractions are the draw, the targeted essence of any experience.

They draw us in, from natural wonders to manmade marvels. They capture, inspire, thrill and warm us — and make us want even more or to stay just a little longer.

They are part of living life to its full. On any given day, season or time, they are the magnets bringing us to places.

The options of offerings can make you downright dizzy, with museums, meadows, waterparks, wineries, lighthouses, locks, farms, festivals, woods, wildlife, parks and piers.

All are ready and waiting to be discovered and explored.

Diving into delicious delights and distinctive doings at definitive destinations is Pure Michigan. Let Circle Michigan’s members help you find the way.

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9922 Front Street
Empire, MI 49630-9797 US

Phone: (231) 326-5134
E-Mail Address: lisa_myers@nps.gov
Region: Northern Michigan

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556 E Central Ave.
Mackinaw City, MI 49701 US

Phone: (231) 436-5023
(800) 828-6157
E-Mail Address: groups@sheplersferry.com
Region: Upper Peninsula

The Gateway to Mackinac Island! Sheplers has been serving group tours for over 50 years.
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801 S. Huron
Mackinaw City, MI 49701 US

Phone: (800) 638-9892
E-Mail Address: officeoperations@mackinacferry.com
Region: Upper Peninsula

Begin your Island adventure from Star Lines Mackinaw City dock or one of two convenient St. Ignace locations.
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6975 Mower Road
Saginaw, MI 48601 US

Phone: (989) 777-5930
E-Mail Address: Shiawassee@fws.gov
Region: Mid-Michigan

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