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Michigan Group Tour Destinations

Sure, we have water — lots of it.

But what makes Michigan’s 3,200 miles of freshwater coastline and thousands of inland lakes, rivers and streams so different is simple: It’s how we use them.

After all, a lake is just a lake until you paddle through with an experienced guide and feel its drops kiss your arms and face, or pilot a schooner with a trusted captain and hear winds rippling through its sails.

Don’t just breathe it. Let it surround and wash over you.

Let currents move you, opening your eyes to lodgings, attractions and communities by embracing blue backdrops inspired by crashing waves or trickling waters in the background.

Journey inland and feel bustling urban centers’ beats. Admire charming farms and their keepers while enjoying tart cherries, crisp apples and other treasures from the soil. Changing autumn leaves paint beautiful matching pictures feeding hungry eyes.

Snow-draped slopes and trails leave their cool touch on lips until a hot mug of cider washes it down.

With so much to taste and so many ways to get your fill, Michigan can quench the deepest of thirsts.

Let Circle Michigan’s members help you get there.