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A delicious meal can be savored just about anywhere.

Similarly, charming ambiance — be it rustic or refined — can enhance the simplest of dishes.

Fortunately, there is a smorgasbord of eateries in Michigan serving up both the best food and locales — the key ingredients to a pleasurable group dining experience.

Feasting on exotic cuisine at one of Michigan’s many authentic ethnic restaurants — Cuban, Greek, Italian, Mexican, Polish, take your pick — can be just the way to round out a culturally-oriented tour.

Relaxing days at the beach often end far too soon. Drink them to their last with a sunset dinner at a lakeside resort.

An afternoon of wandering and shopping in any of Michigan’s bustling urban cores works up a voracious appetite. Please be seated at one of our elegant fine-dining establishments, enjoy local produce and lake-caught fish, and raise wine glasses high to toast culinary excellence.

Or course, preparing a tasty meal or dessert can be nearly if not just as satisfying as devouring it. Fortunately for hands-on types, our members also offer group culinary experiences. Make your own Dutch pastry, German apple strudel or roll your own homemade Bavarian pretzels.

There are plenty of ways to taste Pure Michigan. Let us help set the table.

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