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Whether a current Circle Michigan member or just considering joining our statewide nonprofit organization, it’s our pleasure to share the advantages of being a part of this team.

Our mission and vision is to be a cutting-edge destination-marketing organization focusing on growing and marketing packaged travel and group tourism in Michigan.

We thrive thanks to partners who are passionate about being a part of what makes Michigan so special. The greater your enthusiasm, the better we can serve you.

The benefits of Circle Michigan membership include representation within the American Bus Association (ABA), Going on Faith (GOF), Heartland Travel Showcase (HTS), Heritage Peer Group, National Tour Association (NTA), Ontario Motorcoach Association (OMCA), Pennsylvania Bus Association (PBA), Travel Alliance Partners (TAP), Travel Industry of America (TIA) and a host of teacher trade shows.

We’re thrilled to connect you with among the most trusted names in the business and to provide such a reputable resource network.

We aggressively market Circle Michigan members and the state to tour planners and operators in North America and across the world.

Circle Michigan members are featured in our yearly Circle Michigan Magazine. Chalk full of featured destinations, itineraries and colorful photos – our magazine is sent out to10,000 tour professionals all over the world. 

We’d be honored to help share your story and others that reflect the beauty, character and values of Pure Michigan.



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