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Visit Detroit

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211 W Fort Street Suite 1000
Detroit, MI 48226
United States
Regions: Southeast Michigan
(313) 202-1943
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Jennifer Miller
Manager, Domestic Tourism at Visit Detroit
Detroit Inspires: New is a word familiar in Detroit. New restaurants, entertainment
districts, retailers and hotels are everywhere. All this new stuff is a sign that Detroit is America's great comeback city - an undeniable 'IT' place to visit with its own take on renewal that's inspiring.

Detroit Reinvents: Go on a treasure hunt for outdoor art in and around Detroit on the sides of buildings, in alleyways, on entire city blocks and inside parking garages. Or go for more traditional installations in art museums or funky galleries.

Detroit Satisfies: The culinary scene is erupting with creativity in the city American media are calling a food mecca. Countless new restaurants are populating Detroit streets, many featuring locally grown ingredients.

Detroit Moves: This is the hometown of automotive pioneer Henry Ford. Visit Ford's childhood home, stroll the plant where he assembled his first Model T and get a closer look at how an iconic truck is built today.

Detroit Resides: Some 1,000 nonstop domestic and international takeoffs and landings take place daily at Detroit Metro Airport, ranked best in customer satisfaction. On the ground, downtown Detroit has expanded its public transportation infrastructure, adding the 3.3-mile QLine streetcar.

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Dates/Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday; 8am - 5pm
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