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Ready to get those feet wet?

Michigan’s great lakes and inland waters invite you to dip those toes. Bolder spirits are encouraged to dive head first.

The water’s fine; come on in. Whether swimming, sailing, kayaking, surfing or tubing, be moved in as mellow or wild a way as wanted.
Splash ashore and see natural beauty. Climb the world’s largest freshwater sand dunes, explore picturesque islands, smell the pines’ sweet scent. Pitch a tent and nestle in their warm embrace.

Nature’s vibrant palette is endless here. Watch it blend beautifully biking on top-notch trails, or savor each distinct hue hiking leisurely.

Michigan’s identity is largely shaped by natural resources, enhanced by entertaining and educational attractions. The birthplace of mass-produced automobiles and Motown music, our museums share a cultural melting pot of people who have settled here.

Circle Michigan is a state association of packaged-travel suppliers — attractions, casinos, destination-marketing organizations, hotels, motels, inns, restaurants, receptive operators, transportation providers and allied partners. With more than 30 years’ experience, we help tour planners create successful visits.

We would love to take the plunge with you.


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Whether youre a tour operator planning next years brochure, or a teacher or group leader planning your next school, ...
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Region: Southwest Michigan

There is no additional cost when working through Gail Andrus Travel. They are recognized by the motor coachcompanies ...
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