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Dream Cruisin’ Filming

Dream Cruisin’ is a segmented docu-series for television that delivers a twist to the prototypical outlook on Detroit. The show will emphasize how the soul of the city,despite decades of urban struggles, is currently shifting its recovery into high gear. This series will be ongoing, promoting a new local cause each month. We will also be working with all local crew and resources to support the Detroit film community.This is the story of The Motor City, its past, present and future. The community of Detroit exhibits pride like no other. Things may seem bleak at times,but we always unite for the greater good. We will start by showcasing decades of classic cars in the Dream Cruise, as they roll up and down Woodward Avenue (M1), America’s first concrete paved road. We’ll be talking to the “Cruisers” and all those who line the streets to see them, sharing thoughts and ideas for the future. The people of Detroit have an undeniable passion for these symbols of craftsmanship while truly embracing the freedom that comes with owning one. Naturally they take pride in their cars, displaying them in the city they were made. Clinging to fond memories of their past, these classic car lovers also remind us of the potential for progress when pride meets innovation.

This is Dream Cruisin’…

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