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Southeast & Itineraries

Southeast & Itineraries

Welcome to Southeast Michigan, where arts, music, and culture are our scene. The pulse of the region can be felt in the diverse, creative, and friendly folks who live, work, and play in our backyard. We invite you to come visit and explore all we have to experience. Explore the streets of our cities and towns. Hear the stories of our past, present, and future while taking a guided tour  of our region where you will walk away with a new appreciation of the people and places that call Southeast Michigan home.

Photo Provided By The Henry Ford

Ford Rouge Factory Tour

Stroll through the halls of one of America’s castles while gazing at masterpieces created by icons like Van Gogh, Renoir, and Monet. Feel the warmth of family traditions from the  stories that tell of a bygone era from one of America’s iconic families. Relax on immaculate grounds while smelling the sweet fragrance of roses basking in the spring sun.

Witness creativity while visiting the organizers of America’s Thanksgiving Day Parade at their design studio. Feel like a kid again while watching floats being put together, costumes being made, and taking a crack at walking while wearing a world-renowned antique papier-mache head.

Attend a Broadway performance in one of the last remaining Fox Picture houses in the world and be awed by the exquisite beauty and extravagant architectural design. Learn about the intriguing mythology of the theater, which includes an elephant motif, hidden sets of playing card suites, and a mysterious lavender scent—all before viewing an amazing show.

You can also smell the sweet scent of chocolate at the largest producer of chocolates and confections in the state of Michigan. Locally famous for their hot fudge topping, the factory provides a behind the scenes look at chocolate production and the gift shop offers delicious samples and must-have souvenirs.

Photo Provided By Detroit Metro CVB

Ford House
Photo Credit: Justin Maconochie

As the home of Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler, Southeast Michigan is an automobile connoisseur’s delight. Explore the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation as you step into a world of American ideas. Take an adventure though the twelve-acre museum, where you can board the actual bus that Rosa Parks refused to give her seat up on and hear her story, check out a sea of cars that includes all the classics, and step into a six hundred-ton Allegheny locomotive.

Your journey continues into the past at Greenfield Village, and life slows down, when rapid transit meant a horsepulled wagon. Stroll the streets of an 1850s-era village where you can visit Orville and Wilbur Wright’s bicycle shop and other historic structures, take a spin in a vintage Model T and watch craft artisans create beautiful, handmade pieces that are one of a kind.

Continue your auto exploration to the most eco-friendly assembly plant in the world. See how Ford Motor Company is producing the Ford F-150 while utilizing cutting-edge environmental innovations and highly sophisticated energy saving devices.

Southeast Michigan is graced with diverse communities. Ann Arbor offers a small, friendly town with big city sophistication, a world-class educational and high-tech research center nestled in a peaceful rural setting, and a close-knit of charming neighborhoods with a rich mix of cultures. Make sure you make time to experience an array of street festivals and outdoor fairs and dine at one of three hundred restaurants.

Image Courtesy of the Michigan State Capitol Commission, Photography by David Marvin

Take a trip to the heart of our fair state, Lansing. From legislation to the perfect vacation, Lansing is a bustling city with so much to offer visitors. What began as a dense forest is now a thriving city filled with college students and lawmakers. To reach the heart of Lansing, and the heart of Michigan, head straight to the capitol building. This grand old building was constructed in 1872 and has been the setting of many pivotal moments in Michigan’s history. Wander the hallowed halls, gaze at the intricate domed ceiling, and peek in on a legislative session.  Learn more about Michigan at the Michigan History Museum, which covers the development of our state from Native Americans to French fur traders and explorers.

Come see us, and discover the excitement in Southeast Michigan.


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